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andyandjoestory's Journal

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The Producers, Writers, and simply two funny guys
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Andy: i'm that lovable character that could get any of the girls that he wants, if he had the brains to do something about it. I am much on the airheaded side. I also freeze very easily and it might be an ongoing joke in this story that we will use to attack people's journal's with for the enjoyment of others. By the way, i'm the one in the blue sponge bob shirt.

Joe: ok i'm the sarcastic/ultra smart/doofy acting/ultra sexy one ((in the black jacket with the glasses in the pic)). irl i wear a lot of black and are mostly a goth-freak. i like just hanging out, listening to music, chatting online ((sn on aim: NeoPyros)) or updating my other lj elimnist. oh and in the pic.. i'm not that short.. i'm really tall and not that impish.. more of an orc or troll...

other main characters (in semi-order that they have been mentioned so far in the journal)

mike is a boy with long hair...he's kinda stubborn and he absolutly hates preps and anything that has to do with them. He also has a livejournal set aside for just a story...not to make it sound like we're competition, but we are so much cooler than his is...

clancy is a blithering idiot that went to our school last year. Due to a cocky attitude, andy developed a hatred towards him and fought him on a few occasions, which is not something andy usually does.

gaelen was andy's girlfriend at the beginning of this story, but stuff changes. she's mostly into punk music, not that that has anything really to do with the story but oh well.

diana is a very close friend of both joe and andy. she's kinda violent but also cool. she dated mike for a long time and we're still working on what, exactly, we should do with them.

natalie is a very thin person in the group. she is often thought to be anerexic but isnt. she talks freely about her periods and when she has to pee, even though no one really wants to hear it.

buzby is a druggie. he's also been a friend of joes for a long time. joe and buzby play magic together and recently buzby has corrupted aj and gotten him to start doing drugs. buzby is also an immortal who lives at the mall and knows everyone who has ever been in it.

aj is someone who hangs out with some of the group and is hated by the rest of it. for the sake of the story aj is a full blown druggie who lacks the immortality of buzby. he has known andy a long time no matter how much andy wishes that wasn't true. he has a thing for shrooms but so far buzby has yet to get him any. he'll be the ultimate form of comic relief but will appear rarely since we don't want to have him played out just yet.

sara is kinda new to the group when it comes to real life. not much else to really say about her though when it comes to the story line so far.

sabrina is another girl that probably won't be heard of much unless is started to be seen by the usual hangouts.

ali is the same as sabrina. she is a nice girl in real life, but due to a lack of time with the hangouts we have, she probably won't have too many lines.

retro is a man who believes the government is out to get him so he only goes by the name retro and nothing else. he plays magic at the mall and has a fetish for grandmothers.

Andy' mom...kinda self explanatory. not much to be said here.

Ryan is Andy's brother. He has molded into the exact opposite of Andy, and has a large fetish for having sex with immobile objects and joe. well, maybe in this story only i guess. but, he is an annoyance in real life.

allie is joe's ex-girlfriend irl although they are still friends. we're not exactly sure what to do with her yet, she's currently dating andy but story-wise that may not work so we might not do that, but are sure we'll give her a random cameo atleast once

jordan is natalie's older brother who is very into gaming and computers. jordan is a bit of a nerd/geek and it is rumored that he and mike are secret lovers though it has never been confirmed. expect to see him be hurt a lot by diana and natalie and be the butt of many insults.

doug is a guy who has been friends with jordan for his entire life. doug spends almost all of his time at jordan and natalie's house and basically lives there.. he's like kramer and may be cast just like that in this story to save us the trouble of having to actually think and be original.

chris is andy's neighbor. him and james are almost always together and when they hang with joe they form JCJ which is a group based on the annoyance of all. chris also has red hair... very red hair.

james is quiet to put it simply. he hangs out with chris a lot and also with andy and joe and a few of the others. he's very wity and funny but since few people hear him talk no one really knows it.

when other names come up, andy and joe will be sure to inform you who they are. If they have been mentioned in the story so far, but have not been mentioned, chances are that they are not real.

thank you all for reading, and have a nice day.

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