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PARIT THREE!!!!!... ER PART THREE!!!!!!!!!

((::narrative voice:: time for a poorly thought-up way to get andy out of there and to have a few cheap laughs at our favorite two-somes expence))

andy and gaelen in unison: what are you doing here?

gaelen: ::beating andy to the answer:: i was dragged here because natalie wanted to rate the girl's butts again ::turns to natalie::

natalie: yeah, we gave you a one out of ten, but i think we can give you an eight now because you're andy... look at that big one though, she gets a 10!

gaelen ::turns to the "big one" ((yeah that'd be joe)) and turns back to andy:: hey, where did andy go?

andy: ::from outside:: HOLY SHIT IT'S COLD!!!

::meanwhile joe was talking to random guy #1 and #2::

joe: ::points to his face:: i'm up here...

random guy #1: yeah, yeah.. y'all say that but y'all put out...

joe: not all women are here for th amusement of you men! ::realizes what he just said:: oh god damnit! ::storms away from the table to behind the bar::

old woman: men these days.. such pigs ::note that this is a very old woman in very tight hooters gear. wrinkly, grey haired, hunched over.. get the picture?:: in my day they had respect..

joe: must.. not.. make.. comment... ::bites his tongue, literally::

old woman: so have you worked here long?

joe: no, it just feels like that...

old woman: i have, i've been waitressing for as long as i can remember...

joe: must.. resist.. senile joke...

old woman: ::jammers on for about an hour in the way only very old and/or very pathetic people can::.. oh my i'm sorry i sometimes get carried away..

joe: ::wakes up:: huh?, nah it's ok... i needed a nap.. i mean i don't mind

old woman: well it was still nice of you, is there something i can do for you?

joe: well i am kinda cold...

old woman: i saw them stash some clothes in the back from two young hoodlums who wouldn't pay their bill

joe: you don't say?

old woman: i do, and if you like i can get you some of their clothes.

joe: but aren't i supposed to wear this ::points to his "hooters gear" then realizes he's an idiot and attempts to cover his tracks:: uhm, i mean.. that'd be nice... can you grab me the big one's clothes?

old woman: of course ::leaves and returns with joes clothes::

joe: thanks! ::grabs the clothes:: you're a nice old lady ::inner thought "can it be this easy?"::

old woman: you're welcome. well i guess i should go pick up my pay check and be on my way.. ::hobbles off::

joe: ::runs into the bathroom, changes and leaves and runs right into andy:: how'd you get out?

andy: ::teeth chattering:: iii rraannn aawwaaaayyy...

joe: well that sounds easy enough..

andy: hhowww'dd yoou ggettt outtt?

joe: lets just thank god for the deterioration of the minds of the elderly. ::looks over andy:: why are you still in those clothes?

andy: sshhuttt uppp...

joe: shall we be off?

andy: ii'mm goggonna ffrrreeze tto deeeathh..

joe: probably..

((and so andy and joe leave hooters, a little bit wiser and a little bit nakeder. but fear not, this is not the end of the tale, oh no. there is still andys train of thought to find, the girl joe doesn't know but may love and of course the long and cold walk home))
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