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((narrator: ::in narrative voice:: when we last saw our questing heros they had accidentally wandered into hooters and ordered food they could not afford. to pay back their debt they decided to act as waiters. in the first few minutes however things turned foul for our favorite forsaken friends.))

andy: ::frantically::...why is...why are....what are they...::waitress walks by:: this some kinda...dah...where am way am i doing that way in hell...the british tabloids will have a field day if i serve that table.

joe: well it's either you or me... and i happen to be a strong believer in not doing anything.. but if you insist on fairness we could invoke the sacred rights of odds or evens...

andy: yeah, that's how we'll do're going down just to let you know, i am the master at odds or even...not once have i lost...

joe: alright then.. let the battle begin ::begins the odds or evens hand motion::

andy: ::begins hand motion but stops:: wait...does the winner of this have to serve the table, or is he the one that is off the hook...because i know that if i win, you're gonna try to get me with the legal mumbo-jumbo

joe: ::shakes hand and puts out two fingers::

andy: ::simultaniously puts out a fist:: ha...rock beats go serve that table

joe: damnit! ::takes in a deep breath:: alright.. i guess i had better.. hey wait a minute.. that's rock, paper, scissor.. WE'RE PLAYING ODDS OR EVENS!

andy: ok, fine...let's do everything the way youuuuu want to do it...::begins to shake hand again::

joe: fine... and i call odds.. ::shakes his hand:: and no rock this time... heh, rock.. like your hero/ favorite wrestler, heh heh

andy: what??? oh fuck you ::gives joe the middle finger::

joe: ::puts out two fingers as andy puts out one:: i knew that would work, ha! have fun with ::shudders:: them...

andy: ...huh? wait no fair...besides ...umm..umm... my thumb was up too! there, see it? it's right there ::notices joe isn't falling for it:: ...umm... make it two out of three.

joe: mmm.. fine. i'll take evens this time, ok? ::begins shaking his hand::

andy: damn it i wanted evens again ::gives finger again, this time with the thumb visably exposed::

joe: tough.. you're lucky i'm even giving you the two outta three.. oh and sorry about the rock thing, i know he's not your hero... ::shakes hand:: clancy is. ::puts out two fingers::

andy: what? go to hell!!! ::gives two middle fingers this time::

joe: ::already had two fingers out:: i was hoping you would be smart enough to fall for such a stupid trick.. have fun

random guy #1: no wonder the service here is so slow.. 'll they do is play odds er evens ::chugs his mug of beer::

random guy #2: yeah, but, look at the taller one...that is grade A meat right there...i could just take a bite out of...::other guy looks strangely at him::...this burger.

andy: no wait, i misunderstood...wait, aren't you allowed to use one hand, that means that i only put out one...i was giving the other finger to someone else, yeah, that's it

joe: i didn't say liar.. i say moron.. or atleast i should have. ::hits andy on the top of his head with a beer bottle:: you lost.. give it up..

random guy #2: wow, that big one is aaaall hands

andy: ::dazed and confused:: but mommy, i don't want to go to school today, i want to stay home and bake cookies with you...why stars circle around andy's head for?

joe: because you were just about to go serve that table over there.. now go! ::gives him the order pad and pushes him toward the table::

andy: ::still dazed:: okey dokey...::frolics to table::...hey welcome to hooters, home of the hooters burger, can i taker your orrrder?

joe: ::laughs as andy walks towards... gaelen, diana, natalie, sara, sabrina and ali:: ((note: that's andys girlfriend and a bunch of friends of joe and andy, for more character information go to our info page)) poor fool

random guy #1: hey sexy.. howabout a refill

joe: ...goddamnit.. ::goes to fill the mug::

gaelen: andy???

andy: dah...::drops order pad::...dah...::puts hands over bulge in shorts and bends down to pick up order pad::...ow...::pulls wedgie::

((real joe: how will this end for young andy? will gaelen hurt him a lot? will the girls laugh at him al day? will joe kill the random guy who keeps flirting with him? for these answers and more tune in later.. when me and andy can think of even more funny stuff!!!))
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