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Chapter 9- WHAT!?

((::enter the announcer:: when we last left off many moons ago joe and andy had quested out for women, been to hooters and then escaped from it, bummed a ride home from buzby and aj, slept at andys house, unsuccessfully showered and now find themselves at a party. joe is in the bathroom. natalie, diana, mike, gaelen, jordan, doug, allie, chris and james had all entered the house and andys room which andy is currently lying on the floor of. join then now as them get the storyline straight, try to keep it funny and make the first andy and joe post of this year!!!))

joe: ::poop::

Andy: ::picks self up off ground:: What's up sluts?

All: What's up lady?

Andy: ::thinking to self:: Where the hell have I heard this before?

::while in the bathroom::

joe: ::bathroom experience ends, washes hands, steps out:: [[well i could go help andy.. or i could hide.. decisions decisions..]]

::back in the room::

gaelen: andy.. we must talk

Andy: I'm fearing this talk already.

gaelen: as you should ::glares at chris, natalie, diana, mike, jordan, doug, allie, and james::

chris&natalie&diana&mike&jordan&doug&allie&james: ::go into the living room::

joe: ::follows::

andy: ::innocently attempts to follow joe but gets caught:: Eeep, don't hurt me. I'm sorry. I honestly thought Ryan would have at least one cool article of clothes.

gealen: ::smacks forehead:: no dork, the going to hooters, the cross-dressing.. i think we should see other people, people who are heterosexual in my case and not in yours anyway...

::back downstairs::

joe: hey guys

all of them: JOE!! ::hugs::

joe: ack! no.. air..

::Scream heard from Andy's room::

Andy: I'M NOT GAY!

::and back at the living room where the scream was heard::

joe: ::pained!:: x.x if you let go of me i'll explain..

mob: ::lets go::

joe: it was a long time ago.. ::begins flashing back their story::

::back upstairs::

gaelen: right, well i'm gonna go someplace.. not here, toodles! ::walks out of room and downstairs::

Andy: Damn. I can't believe such a silly thing could break two people up. All I did was dress in hooters gear and serve tables on our 6 month anniversary, but I had to find that engineer. ::thinks about what he just said:: Wait, a trick! This means I'm single again...Oh behave! ::growls in austin powers-type way::

::while back downstairs::

gaelen: ::storms out door::

all downstairs: ::look and blink::

mike: gee, i sure hope she doesn't get hit by a car while she's out there...

jordan: heh heh, yeah.. mike you're so funny..

mike: ::blink blink::

diana: ::smacks them both:: enough!

joe: ::goes back upstairs:: andy?

Andy: single for only a few moments and I already want a new one...I feel dirty...::smells armpit:: Oh, that's why. ::then notices joe::

joe: riiight, well dude, we could go whoring once you stop smelling.. we both need chicks now.. ::cell phone rings:: hold on dude ::talks randomly on phone:: hey, guess who just got a girlfriend...

Andy: You're mom?

joe: no.. and by the way fuck you. remember that girl who i don't know but may love me and her friend who'll probably kill us all?

::back downstairs::

natalie: i love joe

jordan: ~-~ we know

natalie: ack, creepy anime face! ::kicks him in the nuts::

diana: alright natalie!

mike: yeah.. i mean hurting jordan is bad but you must have good aim to have hit his nuts...

doug: and you would know how large jordan is how?

mike&jordan: ~-~

::back in Andy's room::

Andy: Yes, I remember those two girls, but seriously, who just got a girlfriend? Chris? James?

joe: no fool. due to the over-whelming amount of porn lines i call i was just called personally by some nude model who, by contract, has to go on a date with the guy who calls her the most! i managed to get her to double for you too, dude, isn't that great?!

::back downstairs::

natalie&diana: ack, anime faces! ::kicks mike and jordan in the nuts::

james: this is why i don't talk..

chris: shut up james, you'll draw their attention..

::upstairs again::

Andy: So...we'll have girlfriends... but it will be the same person ::Pictures Joe, Him, and girl all in same bed:: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH ::runs downstairs towards door:: sorry gaelen, sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.

allie: ::walks away from crowd:: [[they're all crazy]] ::run into by andy:: OUCH!

::and upstairs::

joe: ...we both get a date of our own though..

angel&devil on joes shoulder: ::appear::

devil on joe's shoulder: without andy you can have both of them!

angel on joe's shoulder: he's right, go for it!

joe: why am i not surprised that my angel is bad aswell.. bah, fine i'll have a threesome..

angel&devil: good ::disappear::

joe: i love being evil ::walks downstairs grinning::

Andy: Ouch...Hey, who are you?

allie: allie: joe's ex-girlfriend, friend of gaelen... this is your house though, right?

Andy: Uhh, yeah...This is my house, why?

((announcer: and that is where we pause it this week folks. what will happen with allie and andy? will joe get a three-some? will the others in the living-room do anything important? for these answers and more.. come back later))
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