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Not Part Of The Story.... Sadly

((real joe: the twin towers are gone... the pentagon is still burning... people this isn't a post for jokes because there is nothing funny about this situation.. this is sad and we at A&J just want to send out our hopes and best wishes to literally everyone as this attack did not just affect those in new york or dc but everyone in america and probably the world.. i'm sorry this post may have brought some of you down who were reading it for a laugh but i don't really feel like that would be appropriate at this time..

a.j.: yeah, this is suck.. not even ShRoOmS can make it better...

buzby: are not ready

real joe: why do i even bother TRYING to be serious here?

ryan: yo joe, don't be frettin', i'm still down wit' yah no matta what, son!

real joe: ~.~; ..why couldn't one of the planes have hit me?...))
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You guys need to get together and make another post... I've been waiting in anticipation for far too long...
fuck it, andy, we need to get back to work!
and I want me cameo you promised me a while back too!
we didn't cameo you- we gave you an actualy part! also we created the latest post in jordans story for certain reasons.. but the next one will be in yours
blame the french
joe: that's our policy here at A&J
yeah, here too