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NOT a part of the STORY!

((Real Joe: hey guys, ever see a lot of mistakes in something that you've done while being bored? ever gone back and fixed EVERY, SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM because you were so BORED? ever wish that some of the ASSHOLES on CAMPUS haven't DITCHED YOU so you WOULDN'T BE THIS FUCKING BORED?! well lucky for you guys i was, and since i was bored and in a fix-it mood i fixed a few plot holes and typos that have been hounding me. if any of you spot any please tell me or andy so we can fix them while BORED, also you can re-read the old ones AND MAKE MY WORK WORTHWHILE if you feel the need OR CARE ABOUT ME AT ALL! ...sorry, i have not only been BORED all day but the SODA MACHINE is FUCKING BROKEN and i haven't had any CAFFEINE ALL FUCKING DAY!!! ...expect a real post in a few days, once i get some soda in me.. OK?!

announcer: whoa.. and i work for this guy? ::in a "must quit my job" sorta way::

Real Joe: WHAT?

announcer: i said "whoa, and i work for this guy!" ::in an enthusiastic sorta way::

Real Joe: ~.~; you have any soda?))
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