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Another thing that is NOT a part of the story..

((joe: hey guys, uhm i guess some of you were wondering where all the jokes where in the last post.. well honestly so was i. see i kinda was using the same things you use for html for thought boxes thus they didn't show up.. the new thought boxes are these: [[thought]]. also, as you may have noticed, action boxes are: ::smack!:: and things not related to the story are usually in these: ((stupid non-story stuff)). i hope that clears some stuff up for you. i fixed the mistakes and those of you who are willing to suffer through it again are urged strongly to re-read the last post, laugh at the missed jokes and then comment. remember, don't do this because i know where you all live and george w. has made it easy for anyone to purchase a gun, do it because.. awe hell do it cause if you don't i may have to shoot you. thanks, keep reading and remember to do the following after re-reading the post: HAVE A NICE DAY!))
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