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College and Camp cannot stop us, thus we bring you: Number 8!

((::cue the announcer...::

cued announcer: last time on the andy and joe story our heros had taken time off to relax, heal and bathe, however all that was not to be as, unknown by the dynamic duo, someone or should i say someones had gotten into the house. tune in now to see what chaos unfolds as we bring you avery special, very difficult to write, installment of the ANDY AND JOE STORY!!!))

andy: ::bangs head against closed door:: why here...::bangs head again:: why now ::bangs head again:: ooooowweeeeeeees

::meanwhile, after finishing his dressing maneuver joe hears a sleight thudding, even over the destruction of the phoenix coyotes::

joe: what now...? ::stands up and walks out of the door, into the hall and spots the bathroom scene:: ...this sucks much..

natalie: hey it's joe...I LOVE YOU JOE!!!

::inside bathroom::

andy: ::thinking to self:: [[joe, for the love of god distract them...]]

joe: heh, i love you too ::hugs:: so uhm.. what bring you here?

natalie: it's saturday and andy mentioned a party so.. yeah

joe: good reason, have you seen andy yet..?

andy: ::thinking to self:: [[please joe...please ask if she wants a drink of water downstairs or something...i want to get out of here.] ]

joe: well he should be around soon, who else is here anyway.. we should all head into his room
and wait for him i suppose [[he owes me.. next time evil..]]

natalie: well it's me, mike, diana, gaelen, and oh.. doug and jordan since my brother gave me a ride here.

joe: wow full house... so, shall we?

::they all begin walking into andy's room after the usual hugs and "Yo's"::

andy: ::ear to sounds as if they have left ::opens door and walks out:: [[now it's just a simple walk to my room and a quick change and everything will be back to...]] ::hears people inside his room:: [[now it's just a prayer that ryan has cool clothes and everything will be back to normal.]]

::meanwhile, inside the room::

joe: so.. what'd you guys do last night?

gaelen: i saw andy's bony butt at hooters!

joe: ::in fake shock:: really... what was that pervert doing there?!

::Ryan's room a.k.a. Hell::

andy: [[thank god he's not here...]] ::looks through stuff::... argh, you'd think he'd at least have a plain black shirt and plain black pants!

::back in andy's room::

gaelen: lets just say he and i must talk about a lot of things..

joe: well what was he doing there.. and you didn't happen to see anyone who looked like me there did you? because i was busy last night with.. uhm.. homework so it couldn't have been me if that's what you think!

gaelen: he was serving tables!.. and why were you doing homework?.. it's winter vacation...

::while in Hell:
andy: woohoo, a plain black shirt and black pants...i just hope that they don't see the Abberzombie and Bitch or the Tommy Poo-Finger thingies on the tags... ::begins walking towards his own room::

::while inside the room::
joe: uhm.. i was planning for next year, gee.. i uhm.. i have to go to the bathroom! ::hops up and runs for the door, opening it as quickly as possible::

::while just outside::

andy: ::putting on shirt as he walks through hall:: what's that sound...sounds like an elephant coming my...AGAH ::gets trampled::
joe: ::looks down:: andy.. with foot prints all over his body... whoops.. ::pulls him up and dusts him off: hey buddy, uhm.. i gotta go to the bathroom, uhm.. why not go in there and catch up with gaelen?

andy: who are you? ::looks around:: where am I?...and what's with the stars?

joe: i'm joe, ::points to the room:: that's your room, in there is your girlfriend and other people.. uhm, you should be able to figure the rest out by yourself.. now i must go use the lavatory.. ::walks off to the bathroom::
andy: ::walks into room::

everyone in room: ANDY!

andy: AHHHHH ::turns back to run in fright, but hits a lot of wall:: oof!
joe: ::hears knocking:: someone's in here!

((announcer guy: and so this post which was never officially finished tells more of the saga live by the ones known as Andy and Joe. be sure to read later as we see what else happens now that our writers are back, have posted an unfinished post and are more hilarious [[and desperate for good material]] than ever!))
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