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((::cue the announcer again::

announcer: when we last left our long lost losers they had escaped from hooters and were traveling in the wrong direction in a failed attempt to walk home. we join them now as a strange car approaches them))

joe: why is a car pulling up?

andy: because i look like a whore...or they like men...pick one.

joe: ::rubs his chin in a way that would look cool if he had a goatee:: whores. you don't look like a man ::begins walking toward the car::

andy: i meant you, you slab of meat...once they have fat, they might never come back... heheh... wow, i'm funny when i'm dying

joe: well hurry up and die then.. and as for me.. well yeah then whore and man work. ::stands in front of car window:: hello?

???: can i have a 'dogie?

andy: dogie!?...that can only be one person...

joe: dude, good seeing you... why are you here?!

???: ::rolls down his window and is revealed to be ::cue drum roll:: BUZBY:: joe i am so hungry it's not even funny.. dude gimme a ciggy? i am like dying for one!

Andy: NO! They're keeping me warm...just like that car is for you

buzby: trade you, car for cigarettes

joe: since when do you have a car?

buzby: i traded an eight ball for it ::smiles matter-of-factly::

andy: it's a you have someone with you, because it looks like you taught the other seat to smoke...that's cool, but a waste of "doggies".

buzby: oh yeah, aj.. forgot about him.. uhm i can't give you the car.. i told him i'd drive him places

joe: why not the doogies for a ride?.. that good with you andy?

andy: ::is already in car:: fine with get yo fat ass in boy!

joe: ::slides in and crushes andy against the window:: watch it twig or i'll be forced to snap you in half.. much.. like... a twig.

aj: i am soooo high right now

andy: ow...butthole, hmm...perhaps i should be careful. ::smacks aj::

aj: ShRoOmS!

andy: i've been meaning to do that for the longest of times.

joe: ::chuckles and then coughs:: ugh.. what have you guys been smoking?!

buzby: dopey dust,fresh coke, insane amounts of crack, silly pot, crazy wacky happy..

joe: ::interrupts:: we get the picture ::coughs again:: ugh..

Andy: It beats being out there...::coughs::...i think i just felt my a piece of lung come up my throat

joe: can you just drop us off at the mall? i can walk home from there...

aj: why not let us drive you home.. sHrOoOoOoMs!!

joe: because i don't trust you with my address..

andy: i don't trust him with the mall...but let's go there...what time is it anyway?

aj: ShRoOoOoMs!

andy: don't make me hit you again...::cough::...i think i'm getting high just from the smell

buzby: it's about 1.. oh shit i was supposed to go pick up some shit about now. anywhere i can drop you guys off in east bumblefuck?

joe: don't you live there andy?

andy: take this road down a few blocks...and watch out for the homeless guy that carries a me on that one

joe: whoa.. look how big my hands are ::raises hand in from of face and pulls it toward him and pushes it away:: duuuuuuuuuuude

aj: ShRoOoOoMs!!!!!

buzby: ::drives toward andys and hits the homeless guy::

andy: dude...that guy knows what i did last summer... now he'll know what i did this winter... ::takes another breathe:: ...hehehhehehehe did you see that splatter? ...that was... duuuuuuude

joe: i think i'm gonna hurl and the funny thing is.. i like it

buzby: ::huffs and puffs:: give into the drugs joe.. give into them...

aj: ShRoOoMs!! ::falls back and passes out::

joe: X.x; are we there yet!?

andy: aj, if you can hear me, did you even have shrooms today...or any other day...::smacks aj's passed out body::..this is a lot less fun when he's not responding...::keeps smacking him while giggling::

buzby: is this it? ::pulls onto andys block::

joe: heh heh, aj got smacked, DuUuUuDe!!!!!

aj: ::lays there::

andy: yeah it's the house next to the house with the prostitute standing in front of it...hey aj, isn't that your cousin? .........aj? ::looks at aj::, oh yeah, the whole like, dead thing ...forgot about that!

joe: andy can i crash at your place? ::pokes aj:: i'd rather not die in this car with them..

andy: uhm...sure why not, i could use someone to share this headache with, and dying's not cool...::smacks aj again:: but that is...heh, i almost said butt hat.

joe: thanks! ::hops out of car:: i am soo hungry!!!

buzby: you guys ever need a ride.. you know who to call

aj: ::twitches::

andy: walking towards all i have to do is find that stupid hide-a-key thing and we'll be inside...i'd knock, but look how i am dressed here...::sees mom's head through window:: damn you fate.

((::send in the announcer::

announcer dude: and so our heros have found sanctuary in a safe haven provided by andy.. but our story is still not done. what evils will be unleashed by andys mom? what effects will the pot have on the food supply in andys house? will andy find his train of thought? will joe find hid girl who he does not know but may love? will andy change out of the hooters gear? for a good portion of the answers to these questions tune in later when we once again attack someones lj with more random hilarity))
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