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NOT a part of the story!

((hi guys, joe here! now we have one rule here at A&J story inc.: all your funny comments are belong to us! this is a short and sweet little thing which i found funny but andy didn't enjoy that much. thanks to jordan for the usage of this story regardless of whether or not you knew about it or ever read it. if you other readers want to know what this is from click the link to a losers story and you'll understand this better))

::in an alternate universe, not involved in the usual A&J storyline::

jordan: i almost feel sorry for them... ALMOST! Andy and Joe's Story can simply dance for gilder for all i care! WAHAHA! MAY MILLIONS OF MOOGLES EAT JOE!

Nat: That's mean!

jordan: yeah.. poor moogles ^_^ ((this is an anime face, some people draw/write then a lot, since jordan had it when he posted i've decided to leave it aswell))

Nat: NO TO JOE! ::hits jordan in nuts::

jordan: OI! ::falls over:: *_*

Nats: ugh... i really don't care about any of this crap.. you all suck! ::storms off::

jordan: right then... ::staggers:: well i like mike's story. especially the millions of Moogles!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH! DIE JOE DIE! ::all the girls come out of no where:: Oh god O_O

Girls: Prepare to become strerile!

jordan: I meant Andy!

Nat: THAT'S EVEN WORSE!!! ::kicks him in the nuts::

jordan: ACKEM! ::spits out balls:: i... will... find out.... what Joes does...


JOE: MWHAHAHA! Soon all women will be under my power! lets see... what must i do to ensure victory that i haven't done? ::scratches head and looks over the evil emperors guide to successful world domination:: Killed the comic relief.. but who is that?

Andy: Comic relief? ... hmm... DAMN IT I'M COLD!

Joe: i'm sorry andy, but you appear to be funny... now die.

Andy: Why!?

Joe: i need women!

Andy: is this worth killing a friend?

Joe: ::thinks:: Yes ::shoots::

((heh, thanks jords for the use of that, everyone know that this will have no effect on the real story, it just involved me and andy and i had to post it))
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