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((::cue the announcer::

announcer:when we last left our crusading comrades they had narrowly escaped from hooters. Joe had rescued his clothes and left while andy.. was.. in a less flattering outfit. we join them now as they continue their quest for the engineer whom had long ago stolen andies train of thought...

editors' note: thank you natalie for the use of your lj.. whether your head blows up or not))

joe: ::walks down the dark street in his recently regained clothes:: this sucks.. ::kicks a rock::

andy: don't make me kill you and steal your clothes...

joe: ::stops:: oh yeah about that.. you should get some clothes.. you look cold

andy: ::flicks off frozen snot:: yeah, but where can we get clothes...and with no money...

joe: oh yeah.. well you have a buck and i ::ruffles through pockets:: so you have a buck.. well guess you're gonna freeze to death then.. ::continues walking::

andy: do you know any one that lives here in ::looks at sign::...the middle of no where

joe: i think you're dead dude. ::chuckles:: what do you want on your tombstone?

andy: how about..."joe killed this man"...or "he was born, he was cold, he died, he was cold"...why didnt you ask your two fans back at hooters to give us a ride home.

joe: because i hate you trabeck. ::laughes::

andy: i need warmth badly...i can't feel my fingers or toes anymore

joe: that's not the line.. the line is.. ::scrathes his head:: great now i forgot it.. you really know how to ruin a joke.. you and your dying...

andy: sorry joe, next time i'll be sure to watch out for the possablity of making you laugh even though my body is slowly becoming an ice pop ::teeth start to chatter::

joe: alright then, good ::looks around:: where are we anyway?

andy: ::looks at sign on side of road:: "welcome to west bumblefuck"...what? ...we live in east bumblefuck...we've been going the wrong way...::attempts to attack joe but trips on way::

joe: nice.. ::looking down at him:: damn it's kinda cold..

andy: ::in pain:: i think a cracked beer bottle just pierced my scrotum

joe: that's everything i never wanted to hear.. ::turns around and starts walking:: c'mon no point in laying there leaking whatever it is you're leaking.. we gotta get moving.. damn i'm hungry again...

andy: ::slowly gets up in pain:: hey, i guess i over reacted, nothing cut...except the shorts...fuck, that does not look good...hey joe, i found a pack of 100's and an unused thingie of matches on the ground...maybe these will bring slight warmth to me...

joe: yeah smoking should heat you up.. what with the warming effects of cancer and lung disease and all.. ::smirks and continues walking::

andy: cool, i always wanted one of those thingies...hrm...::lights match but wind blows it out::...rrr...::lights another one, but to no sucess::...god damn it...

joe: gimme those! ::lunges at the cigarettes and misses::

andy: ::holding the pack back:: i need these ::match goes out:: damnit!

???: ::drives up, lured by the cigarettes::

joe: a car!, you're saved! ::walks to the approaching car::

((announcer: who is this mystery man? what does he have planned for our frozen freakish friends? why has andy not killed joe yet? find out the answer to most of these questions and the answers to a few questions you didn't want answered in the next exciting post of the andy and joe story!))
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